Polyester-Cotton twill Fabric TC65/35 12060

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using The Ultimate Guide PART 1

This will be the most comprehensive guide on the topic of colourfastness, in this guide, you will learn the classification of colour fastness, and the way to test, improve and avoid poor colour fastness performance, and much more… INTRODUCTION TO COLOR FASTNESS 1.Color fastness definition: What is color fastness? Another name for color fastness is

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Polyester cotton twill fabric Royal blue TC10859

What Is The Fabric Breaking Strength and How to Test it?

Ⅰ  Fabric Breaking Strength Fabric breaking strength is also can be called tensile strength, which refers to the maximum tensile force when the specimen is stretched to break. It is one of the main standards to assess the intrinsic quality of textiles. The unit of fabric breaking strength is “Newton (N)” and it is used to evaluate

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Polyester Cotton twill Fabric Red TC11858 with antistatics

23 Fabric Defects To Look Out For During Fabric Inspection

We do inspection fabric more than 20 years and below is 23 fabric defects details to look out during fabric inspection. 1. HORIZONTAL LINES This fabric defect is defined by irregular lines that run from side to side.  Horizontal lines are generally caused by: Faults in the bobbin (the barrel used to hold yarn in

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Polyester Viscose plain Uniform light blue 17668

7 tips to Classification of Fabric Defects

In weaving and in apparel manufacturing, we need to deal with fabrics. Though the fabric we try to make the fabric fault free, somehow different kind of unwanted flaws is found in the fabrics. There are many types of fabric defects. In this post .we done extensive research on understanding various kind of fabric defects and the classification

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spinning yarn machine

4 Tips To Avoid Unevenness On Fabrics?

When the uniformity of the semi-finished product is reduced, the uniformity of the spun yarn is also reduced accordingly; if the spun yarn is not even well, the strength of the yarn will decrease and affect the strength of the fabric. When weaving with uneven spun yarn, various defects and streaks will appear on the

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