Established in 2016, Danlin Fabrics has distinguished itself as a leader in innovation and quality in woven textile fabrication. 

Our main product is cotton stretch,100% cotton, polyester cotton &polyester viscose for fashions, workwear and uniform. Our main market is U.S.A, Russia, Europe and South Africa.

When developing products, we have attention to every detail. Meet our end-users and test crew involved in the development process. Also, learn more about how to dress for any weather and working condition to stay safe and comfortable.



We conduct all business operations with complete honesty and integrity in all aspects.



Constantly strving for excellence and zero defects ,first time,every time.



Using latest technology to develop creative solutions.


Continuous improvement

Provide ongoing technical support and helps on all project.

Why us?

We are controlling our quality from raw materials till finished fabric. All the steps are fully controlled by 10 years experience technicians inside of our team. 


We provide full fabric solution to all the customer,you confirm order first we do the rest.

With professional and experienced sales will  make sure you know production procedure clearly.

Our Factory

Our Mission

We believe in our products and hence offer a 100% quality guarantee. We are part of your TEAM. We will work together to get the results you want. Our motto is ‘Our business is your brand’. We take pride in being a part of your success. We strive to add value to your company through the efficient supply of excellent quality fabrics and service.

Production Procedure

production procedure

Design & Product Development Principles

Our design and product development philosophy has remained the same since the company started bringing end-user perspective and functionality into the process right from the start. Successful development all boils down to solving a problem and finding the optimal balance between functionality, ergonomics, safety, shape/size/material, design and sustainability.

Never compromise on quality
Quality is the best investment for your wallet and the environment.

Keep testing
Involve end users from beginning to end. New techniques and solutions must always stem from functionality and be thoroughly tested.

The sum is always greater than the parts
Choice of textiles, garment construction, surface and edge abrasion, colorfastness, production techniques to name a few. All must work together.

Take A Closer Look

The Associates



Wendy Zheng


Jessie Lu

Sales Assistant

Steven Liu

Financial Manager


QC manager

Nina Li



  • Using operating methods that lower energy and fuel usage, plus reduce carbon emissions

  • Reducing as well as  recycling waste

  • Complying with environmental legislation

  • The recovery, recycling and re-use of products

  • Working with raw material suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation methods.

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