7 Deadly Traps in Purchasing Workwear Fabrics in China

The quality of the purchased fabrics is different and the price is different. Any small mistake will bring you extremely serious economic losses. Especially in China, you must avoid 7 traps when purchasing!

What’s in this PDF?

As a fabric supplier in China for many years, Danlin Textile has been operating in good faith in the fabric industry for more than 5 years. We are familiar with all the ugliness and insiders of this industry. We have specially compiled this PDF with technical elites with 10 years of work experience in the industry, and hope to help you avoid loss! This PDF helps you:

7 deadly traps in purchasing workwear fabrics in china


Benefits list:

1. Identify the defects of the fabric:
2. Avoid being slaughtered in the price:
3. Understand the influence of fabric origin and dyeing factory on quality:
4. Use Chinese thinking to deal with your suppliers:

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